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CNC driller-miller

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What are the opening hours of How do I get in touch? is an online job site and has no opening hours. Questions can always be sent via email and will be answered as soon as possible. Job seekers who are offered a job or have already accepted a job are assigned a contact person who can also be reached by telephone.

I am looking for a job. What should I do?

The fastest way to find work is to complete the online registration in response to a job vacancy. This only takes 2 minutes.

Who can register with

You possess the nationality of one of the EEA Member States, Switzerland, or you are in possession of a combined residence and employment permit (GVVA) or a work permit (TWV).

As a potential employee, you are in possession of a legally valid passport or identity card;

Are there any fees involved? provides a service to you free of charge. No registration, administration or hidden costs. Make sure that you never pay for obtaining a job. There are plenty of opportunities to find a job free of charge and in addition,it is illegal!

I have filled in the registration form. What is the next step?

When you have completed the registration form you will receive a confirmation of receipt in your e-mail inbox. You do not have to call. As soon as we need additional information we will contact you.

What kind of identity card do I need?

To work in the European Union, when you possess the nationality of one of the EEA Member you need a valid passport or European identity card from one of the EU member states (except for a number of countries for Croatian citizens). Otherwise you need you need a valid passport.

Do I get a contract? only works with reliable companies that do everything officially. This means an official contract, payslips and a correct payment of this wage.

How do I get my salary?

Your salary will always be paid by bank transfer. We only work with official companies that do not do moonlighting and there is no cash-in-hand. In most cases you get paid weekly and at some companies every 4 weeks or monthly. You will receive this information in advance.

What is an IBAN number and Swift code?

For transferring money (including your wages), the so-called International Bank Account Number (IBAN) and the SWIFT-code are used for payments. You can request these numbers from your bank, but they are also mentioned on your bank statements. Without these numbers the wage cannot be paid.

How do I get a tax number?

If you do not yet have a tax number, your future employer will arrange this before you start working.

My overtime is taxed more heavily. How is that possible?

A number of countries have a complex progressive tax regime. This means that the more hours you work, the more tax you have to pay. Often this means that the percentages of taxes that you pay over your overtime are higher than your regular hours. This is determined by the tax authorities of the country where you work and not by your employer. Every company we work with is regularly checked by the government to determine whether they are calculating the right taxes.

What about health insurance?

We only work with official companies that always ensure compulsory health insurance is applied for at the start of your work. We advise you to keep your health insurance for your own country so that you are also insured on the outward and return journey.

What kind of accommodation do I get?

In most cases, it will be a complete furnished single-family home or a holiday bungalow. Keep in mind that these are furnished houses, but that it will always be different from your own familiar house. Your future employer will arrange this and inform you about it before you start working.

You often share these with colleagues. It would be wise to ask your future employer about the exact circumstances and options.

What should I bring to my new accommodation?

This depends entirely on where you are going. When you are offered you and accepted a job, your future employer will arrange this and inform you about it before you start working. In most cases you must bring bed linen.

How do I get to the place where I will live and work?

You should discuss the transportation possibilities with your future employer before you accept the offered job.

Can I go on holiday?

Just like everyone else, you are entitled to holidays. However, it is very important, in connection with the planning that your employer has to make, that you indicate in time that you want to go on holiday and arrange this in good consultation.

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