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Information about Belgium

Travel options to Belgium

First of all, it is important to note that we are neither a travel agency, nor a transport company, but we would like to make it easier for you to get to Belgium. So we collected some personal suggestions for you.

Travel information engines

There are some really good travel information websites where you can give your place of departure and destination together with your desired travel date, and they will provide you with different ways of transport, prices, journey durations and you can even book your tickets.

One of our personal favorites is Rome2Rio with maps with complete multi-modal routes and easily manageable interface.

Similarly the Check My Bus website also provides the best offers for all type of transport, even for carpooling.

Another good website is Omio.

Travel by plane

If you will travel by airplane, you will arrive to one of the following airports:

Antwerp International Airport
Ostend-Bruges International Airport
Brussels Airport
Brussels South Charleroi Airport
Liege Airport

You can book your flight on websites like:

Avion Express

From every airport you can continue your journey with private transfers, shuttle buses or public transport to your final destination.

For airport shuttle buses you can check the website (see above) from your airport of arrival.

For private airport transfers you can check: Gettransfer or Mytransfers

You can get information about public transport here.

Travel by train

If you like travelling by train, you can find some websites for planning your journey, like:

Belgian Railways
SNCB for travelling inside Belgium.

You can book tickets on the sites of train travel companies like:

Belgian Railways
Deutsche Bahn (DB)

When you travel in Belgium by train these are helpfull websites:

Public Transport
Public Transport Ticket fees
Rail Map Belgium

Travel by bus

The international buses goes to the main cities: Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent, Bruges, Charleroi, Liege, Namur.

The Flixbus has the largest bus network in Europe with online booking system. Their buses are equipped with large, comfortable seats, big space for luggage, toilet, wifi, power outlets.

Check the possibilties: Flixbus

Travel by taxi - minibus

It's a frequently used way of transport. It is available in several countries. People can share 1 car to travel same/nearby places and pay some fee for that. Passengers are picked up at some meeting point and taken to demanded addresses. It used to have online booking system. Some examples for this:


Travel by car

The most comfortable way is travel by car, especially if you have another driver with you. There are many GPS devices and mobile applications that you can use nowadays to plan your route and to help you with instant navigation tips.

This worldrouteplanner is very useful, and Google Maps is undefeatable..

Before you leave your country it is important to know the following:

  • in case of accidents in EU countries, call: 112
  • Make sure your car and personal insurance is covering the country of your destination and the countries where you will travel trough.
  • Make sure that your driving license and the car’s MOT test certification are still valid for the time you want to stay abroad.
  • In Belgium cars can use highways free, only in Liefkenshoek tunnels you have to pay a toll (6 EUR). Highway maps
  • You can check (in English) here the traffic rules of Belgium and other countries, which you are crossing.
  • Useful information for foreign drivers in Belgium.

Rent a car

If you arrive to Belgium by public transport, you may want to rent a car to travel inside the country easily. Here are some links for that

Rental cars

Car Sharing

Using car sharing is an easy and upcoming solution. Just find a car near you in the mobile application, reserve the car you want. Once you are near the car you will be able to unlock it and use it. When you don't need the car anymore, take it back to a collection point.

Here are some links for that


The information on this page is based on our opinion and was collected in April 2019. We are not responsible for any changes of data on the above suggested websites.

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